About Us

MaxineHi I’m Maxine and I sing Bass. I have been singing Barbershop since 1992, when I joined Colne Harmony (now known as Chorus Iceni), the best Ladies Barbershop chorus in Essex.

I had the great pleasure to be the Musical Director of the chorus for 11 years and am now the Deputy Director. I have sung in quartet with Mirage, Happy Daze and now Quizzical and had the thrill of competing at LABBS (Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers) and IABS (Irish Association of Barbershop Singers) Conventions in England and Ireland.




Hi…I’m Sally and I’ve been enjoying this marvellous style of A’cappella singing since 1992.  I’d heard of ‘barbershop’ and always loved those tight harmonies and spine-tingling ‘sevenths’ but thought it was just for men!  It wasn’t until I moved to Colchester in 1986 and spotted a display by Colne Harmony (since renamed Chorus Iceni), that I discovered ladies could do it too!

I must have written the number down wrong though because when I phoned, the person didn’t know what I was talking about!  A year or so later I really meant to follow up a newspaper article about the chorus.  This time a combination of busyness and untidiness meant, when I finally got round to it, I’d lost the paper!  Finally, in desperation, I put an ad in the Gazette saying, “Where are you?” and was deluged with calls. I attended my first rehearsal that very night and haven’t looked back since.

It’s probably fair to say I’m a well travelled barbershop singer.  I started as a bass, swapped to baritone, then back to bass and even spent several years singing tenor before finally coming back to my true ‘home’ – the baritone part.  I also sang for several months with a chorus in New Zealand.    I’ve been singing with Quizzical since it started,  though it took us a year or two to find the right name….and I love it!



Hi, I’m Mandy, the Lead in this friendly quartet. I have been doing this wonderful hobby of Barbershop singing for nearly 9 years. I simply got hooked the first time I heard our Chorus sing. The song was Love Eyes and I soooo wanted to learn it and be able to do as the other ladies were doing on the risers. I sang with the Leads, the section that sings the melody.

After joining the chorus my next challenge was to see if I could hold my part all on my own in a quartet. I had a go and fell in love with that too.

So here we are, just the four of us singing our hearts out and really good friends to boot! They do call me the MAD one!! Dunno why! As the lead in quartet I get to say how I would like the song interpreted. Sally, Max and Irene sometimes listen to my ideas but usually end up saying “na, lets do it like this!”


IreneHi, my name is Irene and I sing Tenor in the quartet. Tenor sings higher than the melody (Lead) and is one of the harmony parts.

I was not in the original line up of Quizzical and have only been singing with them for just under two years. We are lucky enough to be booked for many engagements and love to sing for various audiences.

I started out singing barbershop as a Lead in Chorus Iceni (formerly known as Colne Harmony) nearly eight years ago. I decided to try out the Tenor part a few years ago and was so pleased to find that I could reach all the high notes. It is a wonderful hobby, I absolutely love it and I couldn’t envisage life without it.